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Building your brand is
hard work.

With Brooke as your keynote speaker, you can share essential lessons of resilience, vision, discipline, courage, and leadership to your audience. Her expertise and motivational approach will empower your attendees, equipping them with the tools needed to overcome challenges and lead them to success.


Elevate Your Event


Brooke Budke Keynote Speaker
Conference Crowd

Speaking Topics

Fighting Battles in Business

Learn how to conquer battles in business, discover the art of overcoming obstacles, and embrace a commitment to greatness - all while getting on your feet and throwing a few punches, too.

Casting a Compelling Vision

Discover the transformative power of creating a compelling life vision that becomes your guiding light, influencing decision-making, and propelling you towards unparalleled fulfillment.

Franchise Development

Gain valuable tips on crafting an effective franchise development strategy, deep insights into understanding your target audience, and the intel to form a successful go-to-market strategy, setting you up for success in the world of franchising.

Consumer Marketing

Learn comprehensive insights into consumer marketing, discovering effective techniques that work with today's consumer and tips on how to seamlessly implement them into your company's infrastructure.

Imagine how much better
 your business would be if:

  • You are able to stay ahead of the game of your competitor

  • You are able to create alignment of your team and people

  • Attract more business with better leadership strategies

  • Your franchisees are aligned with the support and direction from franchisor

  • Instill confidence on where the brand is going and how it stands out

  • Learn new techniques to apply to business and generate results


Fun, upbeat and downright honest. 

Brooke speaks to the corners of the room and inspires change.

What are People Saying? 
Clients Rave

"Amidst a sea of conference sameness, Brooke’s delivers a rare thing – content that is unique, insightful, thought-provoking, and actionable.  Combine this with a dynamic and engaging stage-presence, and Brooke delivers a knock-out that can help everyone from interns to CEOs live more effective and fulfilling lives." - Justin Mink, VP Development, Scorpion

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